Best Suits 2019: The Top 3 Suits You Must Possess

The fastest way to show confidence in professional and social settings is by putting on your snappiest suit. But if you want to make sure that your suit attracts the right type of attention, then you need to know what’s trending. Here at Apsley Tailors we understand the importance of keeping up with trends and this is what ensures that we’re able to recommend the best outfits to our clients. Here is a list of best suits 2019:

1. Yffushi Men’s Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit

Like the name already suggests, this suit is a slim-fit suit and so it might not be suitable for everyone. This is most likely the only disadvantage of this suit. With a combination of polyester and viscose, this suit is made from a superior blend of materials that ensures comfort for anyone who chooses to wear it. Its inner lining has been specifically customized to absorb sweat and prevent you from being uncomfortable because of the sweat.

The suit is an all-round versatile suit that you can wear for several numbers of occasions.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Single Breast Two Button Suit

A quick look at this suit will give you a glimpse at excellence. Tommy Hilfiger is known worldwide for making some excellent high-quality clothes and their suits are no exception. When you consider the fact that these suits are made from a tri-blend of wool, polyester and spandex, you would agree that they are well worth the high price point. With different selection of colors, you can choose which colors you want. This works for an unlimited number of occasions.

3. Cloudstyle Mens 2-Piece Suit Peaked Lapel One Button Tuxedo Slim Fit

Tuxedos are a bit different from the typical suits but will always be the better option for a dinner event. Coming in either a red or a blue, you’ll be able to turn up at dinner looking the part and getting all of the attention. The material that it is made of is pleuche, which is smooth and soft, similar to velvet, so you’ll love wearing this suit.

If you’ve been searching for best suits 2019, Apsley Tailors still remains your number one plug for all modern type of suits you can possible thing of. Contact us today and let us help you fix your wardrobe better.


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