History of Apsley Tailors

Located at the heart of bespoke tailoring, Savile Row, Apsley Tailors have been styling men and women across the globe for over 130 years. We have been serving High Commissioners, ambassadors and leaders of industry and politics, dressing them with style, elegance and a dedication to complete service. Throughout those 130 years, the world has changed and fashion has changed, but our dedication to customer service remains the same.

A great tailor will combine classic virtues of service and craftsmanship with a forward-facing focus on style. That's the secret to Apsley's longevity. Our roots may lie in creating suits for the British elite since 1889, but our commitment to the present is equally important. While our service and quality have remained the same, we've covered everything from flares to double-breasted suits and all manner of different styles, never missing a stitch. We make clothes according to the fashion of the day, but our heritage of service and our commitment to putting each one of our global clients first are constant.

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Our Bespoke Suits

At Apsley, bespoke tailored clothes are everything. We only make bespoke clothes. Every item is bespoke because every customer is unique.

We offer choice in fabric, style, lining and buttons, with our tailors making clothes the way our customers want them. Apsley is about making everything fit so perfectly and so stylishly that your clothes feel like no others. They stand alone as the clothes that fit your life and your stories the best.

The Finest Fabrics

Apsley Tailors choose only the finest fabrics for our bespoke garments. Our customers deserve the best. From the most luxurious Lessona fabrics of Italy to top-quality Worsted fabrics woven in Yorkshire, we hand-pick the very best for our customers. The best fabrics only look sharper with time (fine fabrics can be likened to fine wines) and we personally swear by each and every cloth in our collection.When you start with excellent raw materials, you get beautiful bespoke suits.

Finest Fabric