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To a small, family-run, service-focused business like Apsley, online likes and shares are so important. 84% of consumers "sometimes or always" act based on personal recommendations. That puts the onus on us to ensure our clients enjoy the best bespoke service so they can share their amazing Apsley experiences with the people they know.

Bespoke Tailors in London

I have been an attorney for 12 years. I've tried everything from cheap off the rack, Hugo Boss, etc. I've also tried a few of the those ridiculous new hipster websites where you measure yourself and then they send you a suit in the mail without any personal contact. I ordered four shirts and 2 suits from Apsley this spring. They made one suit and one shirt initially. Very smart. Both of those items had issues and I then met with Andrew about two months later in NYC. He pinned everything and about three weeks later I received the entire order. All the shirts are great. The second suit is great. Even after the first alterations the first suit needed a new pair of pants which they gave me at no charge. The jacket needed to be adjusted further. The jacket on the first suit went back and forth from Hong Kong three times at no additional shipping charge to me. It is now very good, but not as good as the jacket on the second suit. So basically, the first suit is almost like a test suit that they will get as close to perfect as possible, but they use it to work off of and the second suit is even better. I have no doubt that the third suit will be even better. Having bespoke suits made by a Hong Kong tailor is a process. If you are willing to be patient and work with them, this is for you and I totally recommend Apsley. Also, their cut is a modern slim cut. Not a baggy, boxy cut that a lot of the Hong Kong tailors use. Lots of high end cloth etc. If you understand the bespoke process and appreciate a suit that actually fits, and the time and effort that is required of the tailor - and you - to accomplish that goal, then Apsley is for you. 100% recommendation.

M. C.