Want one button, or two? Tapered fit or comfortable? A handy ticket pocket, or not? When it comes to creating your ideal bespoke suit jacket, Apsley’s in-house tailors are here to help. We’ll explain the difference between notch lapels and peak lapels, slanting pockets and straight ones, to craft the perfect suit jacket for your needs.

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What is bespoke?

Good tailoring changes how you feel. A classic bespoke suit, made especially for you and your body, will always give you that fantastic fit and look that a high-street suit could never deliver. But what does 'bespoke' mean?

The word comes from the verb 'bespeak,' which means to speak for something, or to order something to be made. In fashion, this refers to the process of having a single garment or an entire outfit specially made for one person. Bespoke clothes are individually crafted from a pattern made from scratch for the unique customer. Unlike ready-to-wear outfits, bespoke clothing isn't available in standardised sizes. It is completely unique. And that's what makes it special.

What happens next?

After your first fitting, your suit will be crafted by Apsley's master tailors. Within ten days, you will be invited to try on your unfinished suit so we can see how it fits and make the necessary alterations. If we are happy, and if you are happy too, the suit will be completed and ready to be picked up within just two weeks. This isn't 'fast fashion,' but it is quality, it is care and it is craftsmanship, courtesy of Apsley.

The bespoke process at apsley

Before taking any measurements, we will work with you to decide on the right fabric and cut for the suit you need, based on the occasion, your body and your personal preferences. We often recommend that clients start with a classic black, blue or grey suit. Get to know the fabrics and know what fits and feels right. Once that's established, we can start to explore and be more creative with our fabric and style choices.

Apsley's in-house tailors have decades of dedicated experience in making the process as smooth and as simple as possible. We take over 30 measurements during each fitting. We pride ourselves on paying the utmost attention to detail while completing the measuring process swiftly and without fuss.



We have hundreds of options for your bespoke jacket. Lightweight summer fabrics, tweed, birdseye pattern and much more. We stock a wide range of fabrics including Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, and many more.


With over 100 stunning lining options to choose from, your bespoke jacket will be truly unique. We have incredible colours available, including gold, green, black and blue. Striped or checked, a striking pattern, the style choice is yours.


Decide on the style, the depth and the number of your jacket pockets. All style. All Impact. All comfort.


Notch lapels or peak lapels? How wide or narrow would you like them? You can decide and make your unique jacket your own.


Buttons can be the perfect finishing touch on a bespoke jacket. You can go for discreet horn buttons or something that stands out like our gold embossed jacket buttons. We have a wide range to choose from.


The vent is the slit you see at the back of a suit jacket. Choose between three different types of vent – whichever is right for you and your body.


Decide whether you would like your bespoke jacket to have stylish buttonholes or not.