There are so many ways to wear a shirt. You can opt for a box pleat at the back to allow yourself extra space. You can choose a front pocket, or no pockets at all. The cuffs are also down to your specifications. We will walk you through all the options and help you design a bespoke shirt that works for your life. We can even add embroidered initials to make the shirt absolutely unique to you.

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Our bespoke shirt fabrics range from subtle colours to striking patterns, 100% cotton, and all top touch-quality.Striped or checked, a striking pattern, a bold blue, a gorgeous green, a crisp white or something else entirely the style choice is yours.

Contrasting collar

A contrast can work well in your bespoke shirt. First choose your fabric, and then we will help you settle on the collar that’s best, making the style all yours.

Collar design

Your shirt collar can be stylish and comfortable. There are nine types available, from pin collars to club collars, making your bespoke shirt right for you.

Back Pleat

Choose from a casual box pleat or a more formal side pleat. It is bespoke, so it will be made for you for your comfort.

Contrasting stitching

The little details have a big impact. Choose to add some contrasting stitching and set your bespoke shirt apart from the rest.


How would you like the front of your shirt to look? Choose how it is cut, how the buttons sit, and how many pockets you would like. All style. All Impact. All comfort.


Choose between barrel, mitered, round or French cuffs. These are just some of your shirt cuff options.


The bottom of your bespoke shirt can sit however you wish. Think comfort and bespoke style.


We have six different button colours available, from pastel pink to shiny black.


We have four different pocket options for you to choose from, depending on the style of pocket you would prefer (or you may not want a pocket at all!).


Make your shirt truly unique by adding a monogrammed detail to your bespoke shirt cuffs.