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I talk proudly about Apsley's depth of experience - we're a company that's 127 years strong, after all. And it makes sense that we work with fabrics that have equally rich heritages.

Right now at Apsley Tailors, worsted fabrics are in the spotlight thanks to our very special, buy-one-get-one-free offer. If you contact Apsley before 30th September 2016, you can order two bespoke suits in a winning worsted fabric for the price of one. That's just £1288. For two suits. Two suits for £1288. Two bespoke suits at that. Made uniquely for you.

The worsted fabric, named after Worstead, its English town of origin, is a wool that can be dated back to the 12th century. It's now mainly woven in Yorkshire and England's West Country. A classic English fabric for a classic English suit. A worsted fabric is one that has been spun after the fibres were combed, ensuring that they all run in the same direction. This results in a truly well-put-together fabric, and subsequently well-made suits.

I, personally, swear by worsted. Worsted suits wear well, looking sharper with time (fine fabrics can be likened to fine wines). Worsted suits are excellent everyday wear. They're durable. I'm thinking of when you go to and from the office, sit down, climb stairs, take your jacket off, put it back on again, day after day (after day...).

Stop by our showroom on London's Pall Mall now to see our superb selection of worsted fabrics. Just call 0207 925 2238 for a FREE appointment and a great deal, and I'll see you soon.

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