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Classic Victorian Style in Today's World

Victorian style during the same-name time period saw the reveal and displace of the décolletage, corseted & structured bodice, full, ball g..

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How to Become a Tailor in 3 Easy Steps

How to become a tailor is a frequency asked question. Too many persons believe that you have to attend a prestigious fashion school but the reality is..

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Top Women’s Fashion Trend of 2019

In the world of women’s fashion, 2019 has definitely been a remarkable year. 2019 flags the beginning of new undertakings, restored objectives, ..

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The Best Fabrics for all the Seasons

There are different types of fabric in the world! Each one coming in different combinations, densities, textures, etc. Here are the best fabrics:

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Italian Suits: What Makes Them So Special?

“Italians do it better” is an old saying that is known by most. But does this apply to suits as well?
Well, according to magazines like..

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British Suits: What Makes Them Standout and Do They Suit My Body Type?

British suits are one of the most famous suits in the world and at it is just right to talk about what makes it stand out.

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Why Women's Suits Are a Trend Now

Women's suits are a relatively new niche in the fashion market. Women's suits have evolved within a short period from business to now worn on the Red ..

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Why Custom-Made Suits Are The Best

Custom-made suits are the best suits in the world! The major brands in the world have stereotyped sizing charts that the majority of us cannot fit. Wi..

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