Apsley's guide to pocket squares

Pocket Squares Vs. Handkerchiefs

Many people make the common mistake of assuming a pocket square and handkerchief are the same or similar thing. This is not correct. The easiest way to describe the difference, is that a pocket square is for show and has no practical use. Whereas a handkerchief has a practical use and are normally made from plain cotton fabrics, generally in white.

When to wear a pocket square?

Traditionally, pocket squares were worn on formal occasions such as weddings or formal dinners. However, the modern look includes a pocket square with business suits, causal jackets and blazers to allow an individual to give that extra flair to their outfit. They are also a great way for people to express their personality in a subtle or not so subtle way.

Should a pocket square match your tie or shirt?

Generally speaking, no. Your pocket square should compliment your outfit rather than match it. Use your pocket square to bring out subtle colours in your outfit. For example, if you have a white shirt with thin blue pinstripes. Pair it with a blue pocket square to bring out the blue stripes in the shirt. Or if your tie is a plain burgundy, pair it with a patterned pocket square that has burgundy piping.

How should you fold your pocket square?

There are various ways to fold and display a pocket square and it depends on the occasion and the look you are going for. The square fold is the classic and most traditional way to fold your pocket square. Commonly used for tuxedo's or if you are new to wearing pocket squares and want to keep it very subtle. The one point fold (which is just a corner pointed up) is easy and simple to achieve and is common for the business/work look. Whereas, the scallop fold gives a slightly more elaborate look and is great for weddings. If you would like a more detailed guide to pocket squares and how to fold them. Let us know and we will create a unique guide on how to fold your pocket square.


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