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Bespoke suits are the way to go. Finding the best Italian tailor, London for you can be a daunting task. However, once you have found one with whom there is chemistry, half of the battle is won. Bespoke suits are the language of gentlemen fluent in dapper and class. There are different types of bespoke suits. They are; Italian, American, and British.


American suit

Nicknamed "the sack", the American suit was crafted in the 1920s. The suit is characterized by a looser fit, low armhole, flap pockets and at least three buttons on the sleeve. It is best for a man with a wider build.

The matching pants have no pleats. This was first created to save fabric and is now a permanent style.


British suit

This suit was birthed for the upper echelon of society: the wealthy and the military, alike. The British suit is great for the athletic or muscular man. With the structured shoulders, surgeon's cuffs, low gorge lines, this Bespoke suit style is very flattering on the body. The pants are high waist with single or double pleats.

Italian suit

The Bespoke Italian suit came as a necessity. Italian men found other suits uncomfortable and thus, there was a need to create one they would all love. Classically, there are three different Bespoke Italian suits. They are; Romano, Napoletano, and Milanese. The Italian suit is characterized by its slimmer and fitted silhouette, high buttons, unstructured shoulder, and flapless pockets. It flatters a slim and athletic frame. The pants are fitted around the hips with a tapered waist. It has no breaks.

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