Innovation brings rewards

At Apsley Tailors, innovation is a unique concept. 

We are dedicated to service, commitment and quality. But this month, the focus in our London showroom has been on innovation, with the intention to make it a better environment. Our service team area and storage area, plus the management of workflow, are being upgraded.

My challenge, therefore, has been to make more space. On reflection, this was both a physical and a metaphorical aim.

It seems strange that innovation requires space. But it does. And we have been making space this month by selling workroom samples. These are the samples we make to test fabrics, suits and shirts, making sure they are perfect in every way. These samples are never sold. But now, for the first time in decades, Apsley are having a sample sale. The prices of our 300+ suit and shirt samples have been slashed tremendously, with up to 90% off some items. I began to realise that I was keeping these items for nostalgic reasons; they reminded me of the history, experience and successes of Apsley. But that is not being of service to my customers or to the talented tailors and handcrafting manufacturing team at Apsley. Wearing our great clothes is the best form of advertising I could ask for. My passion is to have tens of thousands of extremely satisfied and comfortable Apsley clients enjoying their clothes and telling their friends all about them and Apsley’s total service, total comfort and total care.

If you know Apsley, stop by this week and see the samples we have. The sale must end this Friday, 23rd December, so don't miss out. These sale prices are unique as we need to have created extra space by 3rd January, 2017. The clothes are as exceptional in quality and handcrafted care as you have come to expect from Apsley Tailors.

If you don’t know Apsley, stop by and see the clothes anyway. Ask questions, try on the samples, and then enjoy both the service and a bargain.

The lesson of all this is innovation. Innovation must challenge old ideas and old practices. Physical innovation and change require human change. Views and opinions need to innovate and change, and making space in your showroom also makes space for new ideas in your head.

In fact, always having space in your head for new ideas, new ways of working and new ways of serving the customer is the best innovation your business and your team can pursue.

Best wishes,

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Arshad Mahmood


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