Wedding Suits in London; Popular Myths Debunked

She recently said yes to your proposal and you are looking forward to your big day. There are a number of occasions in a man's life when he is expected to look his best, such as his graduation ceremony or his first job interview, but none of these come close to the day your soul mate becomes your life partner. It is a special day, and so everything needs to be on point! And as far as your wedding is concerned, the most important thing or, for some, the ONLY thing you might have a say in is your wedding outfit. Don't fret, there are plenty of options when it comes to wedding suits in London. But before that, let's debunk some common misconceptions about wedding suits in London.

  1. Keeping it bland;
    Weddings are mostly considered to be for the bride and, in some cases, it has even extended to what the groom has to wear. The groom often thinks he should keep it simple and plain, so his outfit does not outshine the wedding gown. If you have been rather inactive planning other aspects of your wedding, it is time for you to step up, at least for your outfit. She will surely be glad to see you handling this aspect. Besides, it is also your big day so you need to look your best. Most compliments will be geared towards her outfit regardless.
  2. Bespoke is not worth it;
    Some men shy away from going for a bespoke suit because they feel it is too costly and it is not worth it. That is a misconception. The feeling you get when you don a bespoke suit is worth every penny, an off-the-rack outfit simply can't match that. A bespoke suit is made just for you, it matches your style and will last a lifetime. Besides, if you don't go bespoke at your wedding, when will you ever?
  3. You won't wear that suit again;
    This is another reason some men avoid going for a made to measure or a bespoke suit and they feel like renting an outfit is the best option. Bet you don't want to wear the same outfit an 18-year-old wore to prom on your wedding. Luckily for you, chances are you have already decided to go bespoke. You will surely look your best while wearing that suit, and when you look good you feel good. You will definitely want to feel that way whenever you have the opportunity, be it for a party or an office event.

It is your big day, and your outfit must reflect that. Some of the best wedding suits in London are crafted by Apsley Bespoke Tailors. Let us make this day a memorable one. Contact us for more information.

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