Why Women's Suits Are a Trend Now

Women's suits are a relatively new niche in the fashion market. Women's suits have evolved within a short period from business to now worn on the Red Carpet. Typically, there are two types of women's suits. They are the: skirt suits and pantsuit.


Skirt & suit

This is the skirt & jacket combo. The skirt can either be; pencil, A-line or pleated. The entire look is neater when the skirt is a high waist. The fabric used for the skirt should have some elasticity for a better fit and comfortable wear. 



This is the so-called power suit. A high waist pantsuit is very comfortable for long wear or running errands while at work. This is why it is favored by women who work in more active places. 



There are three things to keep in mind: color, fit and silhouette. The color of the jacket must match your skin tone and hair color. The skirt or the pant can be the same color to create a monotone silhouette or, darker. The fit is how well you wear the suit. This is why custom-made suits are BEST. The silhouette is the shape of the outfit. From a long sleeve to 3/4 sleeve; or a different kind of skirt. So when it comes to women's suits, there are different types of fabric and a combination of styles.

With fabrics, there is wool, cashmere, cotton, linen, polyester, etc. Keep the weather in mind when picking a suit. For instance, a wool suit during the hot summer months will be very uncomfortable. 

Women's suits are here to stay. There are so many different ways to wear the suits. Whether it is business, casual or formal. 


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