Don't just swap sandwich recommendations; talk to your friends about suits, too

81% of us are influenced by the conversations we have with our friends, as well as what we see them like and share on social media.

Facebook and Trustpilot are the 21st-century equivalents of asking your friend where he bought the new car he’s so proud of. People now share what they care about online, and we all tend to pay attention. 

In my decades of experience as a tailor, I can attest to the fact that word-of-mouth is a huge influencer of my customers. However, while we might ask our colleagues for sandwich-shop recommendations at lunchtime, fewer people ask their friends for advice about suits.

To a small, family-run, service-focused business like Apsley, online likes and shares are so important. Reviews make a real difference. And that should come as no great surprise. People have always been inclined to trust the people they know. In short, we listen to our friends, whether that’s online or in the queue for coffee.

84% of consumers “sometimes or always” act based on personal recommendations. That puts the onus on me and my team to ensure our clients enjoy the best bespoke service so they can share their amazing Apsley experiences with the people they know – whether in person or online. So please help us. Just one positive review can help more people choose Apsley Tailors.

Thank you. Your review means more than you can possibly imagine.

Best wishes,

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