How Has Fashion Changed Over The Years

How has fashion changed over the years? Over the centuries, fashion has steadily changed with new trends coming in every decade or so. The fashion industry is a multi-billion industry. Fashion has been around forever. However, the history of fashion begins in the 1920s.


Fashion in the 1920s

If you’ve watched, the Great Gatsby, then you know of the 1920s fashion style. The ‘free’ style of the 1920s fashion came as a rebellion against the constrictive corsets of the Victorian era.

Women living in the Victorian era wore very uncomfortable tight-fitted corsets and very heavy garments. This made it very difficult to walk around. Some women fainted because of blood circulation being cut off to their brains!

The fashion styles of women in the 1920s were free & modernist. The shorter dress with a drop waist became popular. These styles were worn by the Flappers whose dresses were styled by the short bob haircut, cloche hats, furry scarves, and stockings.

The entire outfit personified the liberation women had. It was loose-fitting allowing free movement, especially when dancing. The clothing of the 1920s woman was also very feminine.

Men’s fashion in the ‘20s was dapper and classy. Men wore tuxedos, silk shirts, bow-ties, suspenders, fedora hats, fur coats, and patent leather shoes & spats. The wardrobe of the 1920s man also included; waistcoats, knickerbockers, short jackets, etc.

Men also began wearing sportswear as clothing.


The 1930s onwards

The freeing flapper dresses to bias-cut dresses in the ‘30s, the high-waist pants and swing dresses in the ‘40s, and the poodle skirts in the '50s.

Men’s fashion went through a few changes: broad shoulder suits in the '30s, pin-striped suits & wing-tip shoes in the '40s, fitted suits, Letterman jackets, and saddles shoes in the 1950s.


The Sixties

Fashion from the 1960s stands out! The American TV series, Mad Men, brought the fashion to live. Most of today’s fashion trends are based on this period. The sixties gave us; mini-skirts, shift dresses, crop tops, and flare jeans for women. Men’s fashion was relaxed and dictated by what 'The Beatles' wore.

Fast forward to the 1980s when women wore giant shoulder pads with big hair, and big ear-rings; and men wore oversized jackets, jeans, and white sneakers.


Evolution of Workwear

Workwear has changed. In the beginning, it was only meant for manual laborers; lumberjacks, dockworkers, truckers, and mechanics. They wore heavy boots, corduroy pants, donkey-jackets, leather coat, jeans, trapper hats, wool tuques, peacoats, flat caps, etc.

Office wear for women comprised long skirts and dresses with short-heel pumps and men wore suits. Nowadays, different sectors have different uniforms. For instance, a person working in a trucking company or a car rental company may wear a pair of Chinos with a polo shirt; a lawyer would wear a three-piece suit or a beautiful pantsuit, for women.

In conclusion, fashion is self-expressive but it should also be comfortable. With Apsley Tailors, we can help you on this journey.


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