Bespoke Tailor: How to Spot a Professional

When it comes to Bespoke tailoring, it is all about integrity, quality, and relationship. A relationship that spans decades: bespoke tailor and client. There is a long history of Bespoke tailoring. And there is a lot to know when it comes to finding one. Below are some tips on how to spot a truly professional Bespoke tailor.


How to spot a professional Bespoke tailor?


His Personality

Upon visiting a Bespoke tailor, the atmosphere that begins at the door as soon as you walk in will tell you a lot about him. The atelier will mostly be quiet but not like the library. He will be respectful, patient and friendly. Especially if it is your first time meeting a Bespoke tailor. He will take into account your body type, personal taste, the occasion for which you want the Bespoke suit made, etc. He is not only a Bespoke tailor but also, in a way, a stylist. 



No matter how small and young the atelier is, it should have a website and/or social media accounts. From here, you can get a sense of the Bespoke tailor's suits and other clothing. There will be pictures, videos, and testimonials from his clients. This improves his ranking amongst other tailors. 



In essence, the atelier is a workshop. If you see a lot of different fabrics and tools, it means that the Bespoke tailor is indeed talented and well-versed in working with different fabrics. But, no matter how many fabrics and tools there are, it should not be messy. Bespoke tailoring is about structure. 


Your Dream Bespoke Suit

A Bespoke tailor can and will bring your dream bespoke suit to life. He will have you look dapper and classy, in no time. Remember, a Bespoke tailor will always seek to please his clientele regardless of their social standing. He is here to provide flawless service. 


For more information on bespoke tailoring, do not hesitate to contact Apsley Tailors. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions.  



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