Italian Suits: What Makes Them So Special?

“Italians do it better” is an old saying that is known by most. But does this apply to suits as well?

Well, according to magazines like GQ and vogue, designers of Italian suits have always been ahead of the fashion curve. These suits never disappoint when it comes to the special little details.

The Key Ingredients

In Italian suit making, luxury craftsmanship and an innate understanding of how the male body responds to clothing are key ingredients. Italian designers have dominated the fashion industry for years: Gucci, Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and other well-known Italian brands are legends in the fashion world. This is because they design suits men want to wear.

Why Italian Suits Make Any Many Look Amazing

There are certain elements that make these suits stand out and one of them is how they hide a man’s physical flaws. They also highlight their physical qualities without sacrificing suit comfort. It has higher armholes and an overall shape that are more streamlined. The suit coat fits proportionately, so men wearing these suits look different. That difference is flattering because Italian tailors meticulously design these suits. It is obvious they care about the final product and how it looks on a man.

Italian suits are for all occasions and every man needs at least two or three of these suits. It’s even okay to mix and match.

The different choices and the availability of these suits give men the opportunity to design a look that fits their personalities, as well as their budgets.

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