Success is all about trust

This past weekend was about trust. Trust in each other, trust in the team and trust in belief. Apsley work with three amazing teams: Saracens, who have retained their title of European Rugby Champions; Crystal Palace, safe for another season in the Premier League; and Sahara Force India, whose drivers recorded fourth and fifth finishes in the Spanish Grand Prix. Congratulations to all! As a sports fan, it feels amazing. As a very, very small part of these teams, it makes me incredibly proud.

I am sometimes invited to meet the teams - the players, the managers and the people who work in the often mentioned but mostly mysterious “back rooms.” Regardless of where they work, they are part of the teams. These teams trust each other. They trust everyone to do their very best each and every time and if they fail, make a mistake or believe there is a better way to do something, they keep trying. Everyone is trusted to give 100% and to learn 100% of the time. For Saracens, Crystal Palace and Sahara Force India, the season is not yet over. All of them have more work to do, but they are going into every remaining match and race trusting that everyone on the team will do their best.

It may sound obvious but to look at the teams, the complete work ethic and belief in trust remind me that for Apsley, it is the same. For Apsley to continue to be a success, me and my colleagues, both local to you or global in reach, must remain focused on your trust and trust each other to make every interaction and transaction the best it can be for the Apsley customer.

At Apsley, something we all believe in is trust.

Best wishes,

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