Three top tailoring tips and one helping hand for success

Your level of success can be judged, accurately or otherwise, within seconds of a new person meeting you. And it’s all down to your clothes. The better the fit, the higher they think of you. Here are three points to consider. And a helping hand, if you need it, with your bespoke suits.

  1. A man wearing tailored, bespoke clothing is seen as much more successful by people meeting him for the first time.
  2. Think about how you look. Make a great first impression, from the colour of your tie (red indicates aggression whereas royal blue suggests a cool self-confidence), to the lack of creases in your suit and shirt (wrinkles, ideally, should be ironed or steamed out to keep you sharp and focused).
  3. Comfort breeds confidence. When you feel good in your bespoke suit, it shows.

When you’re wearing a suit, you don’t just want it to look exquisite – you want to feel the quality for yourself. Apsley Tailors can help you gain the confidence that comes with that feeling of luxury.

At Apsley, we stock a wide range of fine fabrics, many recognised for their distinction and for using only the highest-quality raw materials. From Hollywood stars to distinguished presidents, and now you too, the fabrics we stock at Apsley dress the world's elite with classic British elegance, making those first impressions count every time.

Dress in your best bespoke attire every day, at a price to suit you. Simply stop by our showroom at 13 Pall Mall, London. Alternatively, call us on 0207 925 2238 or email to make your fitting appointment, and visit for more information on Apsley.

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