Top 5 Fabrics For Suits In 2020

The truth is that suit buying can be quite a cumbersome shopping experience. This might have nothing to do with how perfect the design might look on the hanger but has everything to do with how the suit fits you. Maybe the length isn’t long enough or it’s too long or too short. Or perhaps, the fabric isn’t comfortable enough for you. This is why it is beneficial to you that you make your suit from scratch. But for you to do that, you might need to know a thing or two about the fabrics that suits are made of. You should at least know the top 5 fabrics and choose any of them, depending on your taste, for your suit.

Here is our list for the top 5 fabrics for your suits. You’d find that these fabrics are used for most of the high-classed suits you see around today.

  1. Wool

Wool is, hands down, the most popularly used suit fabric. Suits made from this fabric are suitable for mid-day heat and colder evenings. It is perfect if you’re looking for that versatility. You can wear suits made from wool to all kinds of events or meetings. From interviews to dinner events.
You’d find that outfits made from wool are breathable, warm, soft and wrinkle-free.

  1. Cotton

Outfits made from cotton are breathable, comfortable and can be worn year-round. If you’re a lover of natural fabrics, cotton should be your first choice. One amazing advantage of cotton suit fabric is that it comes in different weights, so you have the chance to choose a weight that will perfectly fit the purpose. For work, you can choose a heavier weight cotton as it helps the fabric keep its silhouette.

  1. Linen

This fabric is crowned the lightest, most breathable fabric choice for suits and this makes it your number option for the summer. It also fits right in if you’re looking for a more casual option.
On the downside, however, it wrinkles quite easily.

  1. Corduroy

This fabric is not only comfortable but perfect for poor weather conditions. Another great benefit of this fabric is that it lasts forever. One thing you need to note, though; the key to looking good in a corduroy suit is to go slim.

  1. Cashmere

A pure cashmere suit is quite luxurious and comfortable but you must know that it comes along with a slight shine. So, it might not be the perfect option to wear in a work environment. But if you’re looking for a suit to rock to parties or other formal events, then it fits right in.

Here at Apsley Tailors, our suits are made from the top 5 fabrics in the world. This guarantees quality, longevity, comfortability. Contact us today.


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