Visiting cities but always meeting a person – From millions comes one experience

As a global CEO, I get to take tailoring, my passion, around the world. It was recently announced that Hong Kong is the most visited city on the planet, with 25.7 million tourists expected to have travelled there before the year is out (according to a report by Euromonitor International on the top 100 city destinations). London and New York were also in the top 10 - both great cities to visit, live in and enjoy. But the big numbers mean nothing to me. Every city is made by the unique individuals that make up its residents and those who visit it. It is not about numbers; it is about people and how you treat them. One at a time, every time.

Every day I meet people to whom my tailoring services have been recommended, or who have simply stepped in off the street to ask a question - about bespoke, about fabrics, about style. From these conversations, from these simple chats, relationships form. Some people make three visits to our showroom before they place an order for a suit. Others look around and decide that there is trust straightaway, and we start sartorial chats that go on to last years.

It is hard to understand the impact that one meeting or suit can have, but I have been thrilled by the response to our Trustpilot reviews campaign in London. To those who take the time to write a review, I am eternally grateful. A review is not about me or Apsley; it is about the customer who has taken five minutes to reflect and write about their special Apsley experience. To the customers who have written and to those that might, I am so thankful. The comments touch me and my staff. I see them, and I realise that in a world of global travel and statistics, where millions move around daily, it is one person who can still make all the difference. I will never forget what one person can do to make a customer feel special and what one customer can then feel (and write) about their suit and our service. That one customer might be one of millions in this world, but it always starts with one conversation, in one room, in one city, meeting one person at a time and making them feel special, in one amazing suit. It is all in the number one.

To leave your own review of mine and Apsley's bespoke tailoring and service, visit: Thank you. It means more to us than you know.


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