What Exactly Could Happen To The Future Of Suits?


Generally, the common thought is that the suits we know today began in the early 1800s by Beau Brummel. He put classic suit jacket accompanied by full-length trousers in the place of long-tailed coats and silk stockings. This was the beginning of the suits we so much love today. However, because of challenges such as the lengthy daily commute, we tend to try to cut out time-consuming activities. One of these activities includes taking care of a suit or suits. The big question then arises. What will be the future of suits?

Wearable Payment Gadgets

Yes! This is one thing that a lot of researchers are spending quality time trying to develop. The same way you are able to pay for things with your smartwatch and phone, you would soon be able to do with your suits. Recently, MasterCard is in talks with fashion designer Adam Selman to find ways in which they can insert a microchip into clothing, perhaps in the sleeves, to allow you pay for items with fewer efforts.
Shocking right?

Color-Changing Fabrics

The future of suits seems to be a very exciting one. According to researchers, there will be no need to buy the same suit in different colors anymore. All you need to do is to get a suit that has a color changing fabric. How exciting is that?
There are a couple of ongoing projects to make this happen. One of the projects is currently being explored by scientists at the University of Michigan. It looks at incorporating tiny crystals that have the ability to react differently depending on the wavelength of light.

Self-Healing Fabric

Suit owners know the heartache that hits you when your sleeve or any part of your suit is caught on something sharp and the material is damaged. Well, here’s good news: The latest technology in textiles is focused on dealing with this issue through the development of self-healing fabric. The science behind this is by coating regular fabric in a special solution so that when the fabric is ripped, it is able to melt back together at low temperatures.

The future of suits indeed looks promising. Here at Apsley tailors, we are devoted to keeping up with every suit-related trend. Contact us today.





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