British Suits: 6 Rules of Wearing A Suit You Must Follow

British suits, through the years, have come to become one of the most prominent fashion wears of our generation. Suits in general, just like wine and cheese, have always been consistent for a very long time. When it comes to suits, especially British suits, wearing them right is a whole art of its own. This is why we have put together 6 rules to follow when wearing a suit.

  1. The Golden Rule

When suits are being made, great tailors make sure to pay keen attention to details. Wearing the suit also requires some level of intentionality too. You need to pay attention to the cuff of your jacket, making sure that it always rests right between the base of your palm and your wrist bone. Your trouser also needs to follow this rule as it is required that the hem always sits at the top of your shoe.

  1. Give your suit a break

Don’t make the mistake of over wearing your suits. It’s always advisable to rest your suit at least two days before you wear them again. When you do this, you're letting the fabric around the knee, sleeve and anywhere else a chance to relax and return to its original position. Generally, this will help your suit last longer for you.

  1. You should know how much shirt sleeve to show

At all times, you must ensure not allow more than a centimeter of your shirt sleeve to be visible. This is why it is advisable to get a tailored shirt. That way, you're sure that it is your exact measurement.

  1. Understand what suits your frame

When it comes to choosing between double and single-breasted suits, it all lies in your taste. However, there are still a few things you should know. If you're not that tall, you would definitely look better going with the single-breasted option. This is because the double-breasted style will curtail your frame. For men with taller slimmer bodies, they can go for either. 

  1. Don’t use too much accessories

You need to remember this one always. At all times, you should wear a maximum of three accessories with your suit. It's quite a simple rule, isn't it? In a case where you're putting on a three-piece suit, treat your waistcoat as an accessory. This will mean that you only have 2 more rooms for other accessories. 

  1. See a tailor

You won't really be able to follow most of the rules mentioned above if you don't have a suit that has been made to your body specifications. This is why it is important that you work with a tailor. Of all the rules mentioned, this should be the most important rule. 
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