The Best Fabrics for all the Seasons

There are different types of fabric in the world! Each one coming in different combinations, densities, textures, etc. Here are the best fabrics:

This is everyone's favorite fabric. Why? Because cotton comes in different densities which means that, it can be used to create different types of clothing like; underwear, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, etc. It is breathable, durable and comfortable. Lesser thread count is best for any hot day.


Linen is one the best fabrics for the hot summer days. This is because, linen doesn't stick to the skin, allowing air to pass in between the fabric and the skin. For those who have eczema or psoriasis, linen is the best to wear to cover up without fearing a breakout.

Lace is woven fabric with spaces between the wefts to create a beautiful design. It is a decorative fabric used to add a touch of elegance, and class.

This luxurious fabric is wool taken from the Kashmir or Pashmina goats. Cashmere is used to make sweaters, suits, shirts, and beautiful scarves. It is soft, durable, and breathable. It keeps you warm while allogin the skin to breath.

Silk is made from the threads of the silkworm. It is spun to perfect fineness to make the best fabric for beautiful clothes. Silk is best during cool weather.

Fleece is a type of wool from the Llama. It is used to make the lining of jean jackets for the winter time and the lining of winter boots. This is because it keeps the warmth and pulls heat from the ait into the clothes. It also makes for a very comfy blanket. 
These are the best fabrics. Which of these are your favorite and why? Send us a message. 
At Apsley Tailors, we are experienced at using all the best fabrics for our clients' clothes and uniforms. Contact us for more infomration on our rates and products, and services. 


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