Classic Victorian Style in Today's World

Victorian style during the same-name time period saw the reveal and displace of the décolletage, corseted & structured bodice, full, ball gown skirt while the men wore top hats, long sleeve jackets with long coat tails. Fashion in the Victorian era was structured and décor. Fast forward to the 21st century, fashion still draws inspiration from Victorian style.

Dropped shoulders. The dropped shoulder has been in and out fashion since the Victorian era. They are a big trend right now on svelte sheath dresses, crop tops, bodysuits, etc.

Collapsed sleeves. The collapsed sleeves is one of the most feminine features of a women's clothing. Not only is it flattering on everyone, it also helps to balance the figure of a woman who is pear-shaped. Some famous celebrities favor the collapsed sleeve.

Corseted bodice. The corseted bodice is a fashion trend that has been around for hundreds of years and doesn't seem to going out of style, anytime soon. It is very flattering on the female body: it cinches the waist in, showing of the feminine curves and accentuates the bustline. It gives a smooth silhouette to its wearer.

Sack coat. Also known as the donkey jacket, this coat was worn by workers back in the early 1900s. It was made from Melton wollen fabric with PVC panels which protected the wearer from rain. One could say it was the inspiration for the bomber jacket.

Norfolk jacket. This single-breasted jacket with box pleats was originally designed to be a shooting coat. It was popular in the mid 1800s and was worn by members of the royal family and aristocrats alike. Drawing inspirations from periods past is what is constant in fashion. The Victorian style can be redone to fit today's settings without sacrificing authenticity.

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