Why Custom-made Suits Are the Best

Custom-made suits are the best suits in the world! The major brands in the world have stereotyped sizing charts that the majority of us cannot fit. With custom-made suits, they will fit seamlessly.


Perfect fit

Standard sizing may work for simpler, less structured clothing like shorts, Tee-shirts, etc. But when it comes to custom-made suits will sit on your frame perfectly. Your personal measurements are taken and the fabric of your choice was cut specifically for you. You are guaranteed a comfortable, long-lasting fit. You will never have to worry about returning the suit because of the wrong measurements because it is not mass-produced.




Starting from the fabric, design, style, accessories, etc., will all be chosen by you. The custom-made suits are for you. Who better else to make these crucial decisions? The feeling of wearing clothes only you have is a wonderful one. No more need to get upset about ill-fitting suits; from here on, perfection. Your design can be as unique and quirky as you want!


An investment


Custom-made suits aren't cheap but in the long run, they are an investment. They will last longer and repairing reaped seams or loose buttons will be easy because the tailor who makes it repairs it. Tailors that make suits use only the highest quality of the fabric. 


Customized accessories

Custom-made suits come with accessories like cufflinks, suspenders, neckties, bow-ties, etc. Seize the opportunity to have their customized with your initials. This is a bonus service so it won't be as expensive if you bought them elsewhere.


This is why custom-made suits are the best. You must choose the right tailor or atelier for you.

That is why Apsley Tailors, there is 100% guaranteed quality. From the stitching to the final product.

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