Best Tailors 2019: 6 Tips To Identify A Great Tailor

Back then, choosing a tailor used to be quite easy. All you had to do was to either go with the tailor who had been servicing your dad or you could reach out to the knowledgeable suit salesman who would introduce you to the tailor that you need.

Unfortunately, finding the best tailors 2019 is quite harder. This is because great tailors are very hard to come across, and the average menswear salesman doesn’t have the knowledge to point you in the right direction.

Below, we’ve highlighted 6 steps that will help you with your “best tailors 2019” quest.

  1. Educate Yourself

Before going on google to type “best tailors 2019”, it is important that you first have a foundation in the basics of men’s style. Most men would hardly have the time to sit and read more about fashion that pertains to them. But the truth is that, once you start reading the material, they become enthralled. The more you read; you start noticing men’s clothing details you never saw before.

  1. Look For Tailor Recommendations

After you’ve educated yourself on menswear, the next step you should take would be to ask better-dressed men for recommendations. It is important to note that even after you've asked around and gotten recommendations, you should take these recommendations with a grain of salt. Work doesn’t stop here.

  1. Observe The Communications Skills of The Tailor

Now that you’ve finally gotten in contact with one of the tailors that was recommended to you, you need to take note of certain things. One of the things you need to watch out for is how your tailor communicates. From the way they communicate, you can tell if you can work with them or not.

Do they actually listen to you, or do they just try to push you in a direction that you’re not particularly interested in?

  1. When is The Tailor Satisfied?

Great tailors are only satisfied when their clients are satisfied. When their clients are not satisfied, they don’t try to force it. They listen and make adjustments where there’s need for it.

  1. Samples of The Tailor’s Work

This should be a no brainer. Obviously, before you can choose to work with a tailor, you need to see work that they’ve previously done. This is why you need to know your menswear quite well. You don’t just stop at looking at the overall garment but go on to spend a few minutes studying the details. You want to ensure that the stitching look secure and clean.
If the Tailor doesn’t have anything to show or happy customers to refer you to, then that’s probably a bad sign.

  1. How Available is The Tailor?

You need to understand that great tailors are always busy. They always have more work than they can handle. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that with some of these tailors, you would need to for more than a month. However, a great tailor knows how to prioritize. If you have an emergency that you need to be dealt with before an important appointment, great tailors always know how to come through. This is because they understand that this will create loyalty and goodwill.
You need to learn how to be upfront about your needs so that your tailor can know when it’s time to prioritize.

No need to worry yourself searching for best tailors 2019. We already have you covered here at Apsley Tailors. Why not just contact us today?



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