Linen Shirts - The Missing Piece to your Wardrobe

What is that missing piece to your wardrobe’s puzzle? There are some outfits you must own in order to have a complete wardrobe or at least, avoid wasting so much time brainstorming what to wear for a particular occasion. Different outfits suit different events and types of weather. But we all need that versatile piece, that quick-pick we can always count on from our wardrobes to suit various events whilst still looking our best. Linen shirts are what you are looking for because they are: 

  1. Versatile

Having a couple of versatile outfits in your wardrobe is a must. They are great because you can don them with almost anything and for almost every occasion- from corporate or formal events to a more casual environment. Linen shirts certainly tick this box, with their natural ability to compliment every occasion. 

  1. Long-lasting

Worried about durability when buying a shirt? Go for linen shirts. The linen fabric is made of very strong natural fibres which contribute to its high tensile strength and long-lasting properties. What’s more, it actually gets softer and more comfortable as you wash over time. 

  1. Hypoallergenic

If you have some allergies or skin conditions, it is important for you to take special attention to the clothing you put on as they are in direct contact with your skin. There are fabrics that allow moisture to build-up, creating a favourable environment for the growth of microbes which cause skin irritations. Linen is a much safer option, as it is breathable, thereby releasing moisture very fast. 

  1. Comfortable

As highlighted above, linen is a very breathable fabric with the ability to draw moisture away from your bodyThis property will certainly come in handy during the warmer months of the year as you wouldn’t need to worry about dampening your clothes. If comfort is what you are after, then you really need to consider linen shirts. 

The summer season is at our doorstep making it the perfect time to buy linen shirts. Did we mention our linen shirts are on sale? Get in touch with us and enjoy a 60% discount. Hurry, the stock is limited! 



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