Most Expensive Suits Without Breaking the Bank

Wearing the most expensive suits for work, meetings, weddings, galas, engagement parties, graduation, etc., isn't about the price tag. No. No. It is about how you carry yourself and how you dress the suit.

Have you ever since a man dressed in a very nice blazer or suit and find out it isn't "expensive"? Then see another guy wearing an obvious name brand but it was not well-tailored or the fitting is just kind of weird?


That's right.

We at Apsley Tailors make some of the most expensive suits in the U.K. Quality of fabric, the cut, tailoring and finally, the fit are what makes for most expensive suits. As you know, there are different kinds of fabric, It is very important to choose the best fabric for your bespoke suit needs and the weather, as well. Then, of course, the accessories: neckties, bow-ties, scarves, pocket squares, cufflinks, shoes, and shoes. 

Don't feel pressured to look like Idris Elba on the red carpet. It's ok. The key is to learn and master your personal taste, and also, create a whole morning routine for going to work. Yes. Feeling expensive begins in the mind before the clothes are ever worn.

Apsley Tailors is not only here for your bespoke suits. We also offer uniform services for catering companies, hotels, office workers, school workers, etc. We cater to you all. 

The most expensive suits are different for everyone. There is linen, cotton, velvet, silk, etc. It all depends on the occasion. We will make your day-to-day suit one of the most expensive ones because the quality is our top priority.

And remember, the man makes the suit and not the other way around. 

Browse the website to find more information and/or drop us a comment and we will get back to you on your most expensive suits' needs. 


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