The 2 Kinds Of Women’s Suits You Should Know

Go through the internet today and you’d find series of blog posts and articles about men’s suit, whereas you’d find very little on the types of women’s suits. Well, this is quite understandable because to some women, suits are merely a work necessity but not really part of their favorite wardrobe.
There are two major types of women’s suits that every woman should own as they not only serve as great work clothes both are also quite fashionable.

Wearing a coat paired with a skirt is not exactly what we refer to. In fact, names like pantsuit or trouser suit have come up to help differentiate a proper suit from a combination of coat and skirt.
Here are the 2 Kinds of pantsuits you should know.

  1. The Essential Two-Piece Suit

This suit can be worn to a number of different occasions. If you can only own one suit, then this is the one you need to own.
For your jacket, you should opt for a slightly longer jacket that hangs a tad farther down the hip with tailored pants. You also need to make sure that the buttons on the sleeve are functional.
For your pants, you should opt for it to be between tight fit and loose. It totally depends on your preference in general.
You would also want to go for a medium waist – that is to say, one that is not too high and not too low.

  1. The Double-Breasted Fashion Suit

If you’re trying to make a statement, then this suit would do justice to that agenda. You could also wear it to work if you work in a more casual environment.
With the oversized lapels, you get to have that bold look, and if you want to appear more relaxed, you can rock it with a pair of snickers.

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