Handmade Cashmere Overcoats - The Outerwear You Must Own

Every man needs to invest in high-quality overcoats especially when the weather becomes really cold. Adding an overcoat to your well-tailored bespoke suit will not only make you feel warm and cosy but it will also take your style up a notch. Looking for an overcoat for a special evening, for the office or for a cocktail with your loved ones? A handmade cashmere overcoat is what you need, and here’s why?

The Fabric

Cashmere is luxurious and sought after fabric used for high-end outfits. This fabric has been a popular choice because of its durability, comfortable feel, softness and its classic style, just to name a few. You certainly won’t regret investing in a handmade cashmere overcoat. Why? 

Other fabrics might help keep you warm during the winter season, but the cashmere fabric is much more adaptable to different temperatures. Its high moisture content of the wool ensures that you remain cool during hotter seasons, at the same time, keeping you warm and insulated during colder seasons. Its natural stretch also ensures an effortless fit and allows you to move comfortably.

The Crafting and Fit

There are so many reasons why handmade outfits, in general, are a hot topic today, and the handmade cashmere overcoat is certainly not an exception. Our handmade cashmere overcoats are tailored to your specific taste and measurements which ensure an impeccable fit. This piece is carefully crafted with the tiniest of detail accounted for - from the colour of your buttons to the depth of your pockets. This bespoke overcoat will certainly be the finishing touch to your overall outfit.

Do you need an overcoat that is not just adaptable to any weather but will also help take your style to the next level? A handmade cashmere overcoat is your best bet. Did we mention that they are currently on sale? From £2,580 to £1,580. Get in touch with us now, and save £1,000.


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